Claire . Berkeley Marina . Berkeley, CA . 2015



I'm currently living life by the Pacific Ocean, in Aptos, CA.  Originally, I'm a Hoosier from the Midwest.  Indianapolis, Indiana to be specific; where they pound out tenderloins to death and call it a sandwich, bake pies with sugar as the main ingredient, and watch cars race around a track. In early March of 2015, I packed my mid-sized SUV with all of my belongings that I cared to have and headed west.  This embarked a new life for me.  I landed in Oakland, CA four days later and remained there for 2 years living with my best friend for the majority of the time.

I have a Bachelor of Science, Audio & Video Production, from Indiana University.  I've taken what I've learned about cameras and shooting, focusing on stills.  I found a passion in taking landscape photography.  California is the perfect place for me to get creative with the way I capture new images.


Nikon D800 . Nikon D810 .